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Scoliosis can be an overwhelming diagnosis and the questions of why do I have it and what can I do are often met with “I don’t know”, “wait and watch” or even “surgery”. Scoliosis Care Centers uses root cause diagnostics and proprietary technology to give you the solution to your scoliosis while teaching you how to manage your scoliosis for life. Treatment programs are specifically designed for each of our kids, making our programs unique to the individual needs and abilities of each scoliosis fighter.

What is Scoliosis?

Understand what scoliosis is and how it is caused.                                             

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Learn the different treatment methods for scoliosis & where you fit. 

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Scoliosis "To Do" List

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*Success Rate %

95% Success Rate Criteria:

Juvenile and adolescent “idiopathic” scoliosis ages 8 and older with a skeletal age of Risser 2 or less with initial scoliosis Cobb angle ranging form 25 to 39 degrees. Success is defined as preventing the case from progressing to the surgical threshold of 40 degrees.


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